Molten Matcha (Green Tea) Lava Cake

Molten Matcha (Green Tea) Lava Cake


This year I have been really inspired to make and decorate baked goodies. They are not only just delicious to eat, but fun to bake and take photographs of – going from its uncracked exterior and undressing to its gooey interior, it makes an interesting model that complies only to your directing.

Matcha molten lava cake – Is there anything more to say? The name of the dessert seems pretty self-explanatory to me! Although I love the original chocolate flavour, I thought I would give it a bit of twist since matcha is an ingredient that can be easily incorporated into baked goods.

This recipe is adapted from another recipe that I found on YouTube. I have been wanting to bake matcha lava cake for some time now. A couple of days ago, I was just laying on my bed getting ready to sleep, when an idea suddenly came to me. I remember that I bought a floral dress a few months ago that would look perfect to imitate the look of a table cloth – yes, I bought the dress to end up using it as a table cloth.

molten matcha lava cake 3

When you first cut into the cake, you are greeted politely with its gooey matcha goodness, slow and steady, this feeling puts you right at home. The combination is simply divine.

molten matcha lava cake 2

Recipe makes 2 servings


3g matcha powder

70g of your favourite white chocolate (I used Lindt)

30g icing sugar

Dash of salt

25g flour

1 egg

Dash of vanilla

40g unsalted butter (extra butter to butter the ramekins)

1 tbsp of ground graham crackers to coat the ramekins (optional)


Cut a little piece of butter into the ramekin and microwave it until the butter has melted. Roll the ramekin in a slight angle to coat it with butter. Pour the excess butter into the next ramekin and repeat this process.

Preheat the oven to 425 F.

Combine the white chocolate and the butter into a small pot over low heat. (When using an electrical stove, turn the dial to 2 to 2.5). Continue to stir the mixture until it has melted. Once they are melted put the pot aside.

In a mixing bowl, beat the large egg. Then add the icing sugar and matcha powder and whisk until they are well incorporated.

Next, add the white chocolate mixture along with a dash of salt and vanilla into the egg mixture and mix well. By adding salt, the flavour of the lava cake is enhanced.

Finally, sift the flour into the mixture, and whisk everything until it is smooth.

Coat the ramekins with granulated sugar or ground graham crackers for texture (optional).

Then divide the mixture evenly between 2 ramekins. Bake the lava cake for 12-13 minutes.

Make sure to watch them carefully during the last 2 minutes. The top should set, and when you shake the ramekin slightly, there should be a slight jiggle.

Cool the lava cakes for 5 minutes. Then use a knife to run around the ramekins. Put a plate upside down on top of the ramekin, then flip both the plate and the ramekin around, and shimmy the lava cake out. Make sure to not shimmy too hard and not to slam the ramekin onto the plate too hard.

Serve by dusting icing sugar on top of the lava cake and scoop a side of vanilla ice cream.



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