Matcha Red Bean Layered Cake

Matcha Red Bean Layered Cake


This cake is full of different textures and flavours. I’ve been thinking of ways to elevate the texture and flavour profile of cakes. Sponge cake paired with whipped cream may lack texture. Also, I find that when buttercream frosting is paired with a dense sponge, the cake may be too rich.

One day I went to Small Victory Bakery and ordered a slice of pistachio cake. The cake slice is layered with pistachio sponge, whipped cream filling, followed by another layer of pistachio sponge, butter cream frosting, and crushed pistachio on top. The whipped cream cuts the richness of the buttercream. Also, the pistachio flavour in the buttercream was more pungent. This matcha red bean layered cake is inspired by the pistachio cake. The combination of matcha and red bean definitely satisfy my sweet tooth. This cake is perfect all year around because none of the ingredients are seasonal!

Yield: One 8 inch 4 layers cake



recipe from My Name is Yeh

Red Bean Whipped Cream:

2 cups heavy cream
475g sweetened red beans

Matcha Buttercream:

2 cups unsalted butter (room temp)
3-4 tbs matcha powder
2.5 cups icing sugar
3-4 tbs whipping cream

White Chocolate Ganache:

recipe from Inspired by Chocolate and Cakes


After the cake has almost been cooled or is fully cooled, we start making the red bean whipped cream.

  1. Strain the red beans and keep the juice on the side. With a chilled mixing bowl, use a hand mixer to whisk the whipping cream until soft peaks form. Then fold in the red beans.
  2. Cut off the rounded top of each cake. Next, slice each cake into two, so we have a total of four layers.
  3. Place a layer of cake on the turn table. Next, brush the layer of cake with red bean syrup that was strained from the can of red beans. Then spread a generous amount of red bean whip cream on top.
  4. Repeat for the next layers. When you reach the last layer, brush syrup on the bottom of the layer.
  5. Do not frost the sides and top. Cover the cake and put it in the fridge to set.
  6. When the cake is setting in the fridge, we’re going to make the matcha buttercream.
  7. Whisk the soften butter on high speed in a stand mixer until fluffy. Then sift in the matcha powder and icing sugar until incorporated. Add whipping cream slowly if the mixture gets too thick.
  8. Frost the sides and top with matcha butter cream. Then put the cake in the fridge to set.
  9. Make the white chocolate ganache.
  10. To create the dripping effect, drizzle the white chocolate ganache around the edges of the cake. Then cover the rest of the top with the ganache.
  11. Put the cake in the fridge to set.
  12. Enjoy =)



Here you can see the different components of the cake: the white chocolate ganache, buttercream, matcha cake, and red bean whipped cream.


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